FAQs - Corn Tortilla Maker

Q. Is this for Corn or Flour tortillas?

A. This machine is for Corn Tortillas only.

Q. How many tortillas can it make?

A. It can make up to 840 raw tortillas an hour.

Q. Has the Ventura Flex been tested or certified?

A. Yes, it meets NSF and UL standards.

Q. What type of dough can I use?

A. You can use Nixtamal masa or Maseca.

Q. Where is the Ventura Flex manufactured?

A. The Ventura Flex is manufactured in Houston, TX.

Q. How can I purchase the Ventura Flex?

A. You can contact our office so we can connect you with one of our selected vendors.

Q. Does the Ventura Flex require special electrical wiring?

A. No, it uses a standard 110V outlet, found commonly in restaurant kitchens.

Q. Is the Ventura Flex Corn Tortilla Machine easy to clean?

A. Yes. It was engineered and constructed to make clean-up simple and quick.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker

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