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About the Ventura Flex® - Corn Tortilla Maker

Experience the taste of Mexico with fresh corn tortillas

A fresh corn tortilla will fulfill your customers desire for a traditional Mexican meal.

If you are a restaurant owner and are concerned about providing a meal with the taste of Mexico, a freshly made tortilla will deliver a superior taste. Compared to regular, pre-packaged tortillas, freshly made tortillas will remain warm and soft for a longer period of time.

Small yet powerful

The convenience of the Ventura Flex® is solidified through its size and production capabilities. The sturdy design includes a solid stainless steel frame with small, yet powerful high-caliber components. The machine can be placed over a table, occupying a small space of 2 x 2 ft.

Full production capabilities include producing up to 840 tortillas per hour. For restaurants, the size and number of griddles you have will influence how many tortillas you can make per hour. Visit our specifications page for more information.

Ventura Flex - Tabletop Measurements
Ventura Flex® - Tabletop Measurements
Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker
Ventura Flex® - Corn Tortilla Maker

Add the power of the Ventura Flex® to your restaurant

The experience of eating a fresh corn tortilla will leave a valuable impression on your customers. The aroma and flavor of a fresh corn tortilla is distinguishable and will help create recurring clientele in your restaurant.

Additionally, Your clientele will be encouraged to tell their friends to visit your restaurant. The Ventura Flex® will simultaneously meet high production demands and provide an authentic experience for your customers, two assets that are invaluable in a restaurant.


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