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Additional Benefits - Corn Tortilla Maker

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker

Additional Benefits

The additional benefits of the Ventura Flex® Corn Tortilla Machine are hard to quantify but easy to identify when you add the machine to your kitchen operations.

More productivity from your kitchen staff.
The ease of operations mean that your staff will be able to produce more, better corn tortillas in a faster and more efficient manner. That means improved productivity which goes directly to your bottomline.

A better restaurant experience.
A better restaurant experience. Your establishment will be elevated in atmosphere almost immediately. Happy patrons mean increased sales, referrals, reviews and repeat customers.

You'll gain a competitive advantage in the often crowded restaurant market.

Your establishment will have a built-in, or should we say, "counter-top," advantage over the competition.

The Ventura Flex® is manufactured from the highest grade materials and produced to exacting standards that ensures years of dependable operation. And the machine is certified by NSF so you can have confidence in safety.

Because for the small footprint there's no need for a special stand or location. The Ventura Flex® can be placed virtually anywhere in you kitchen which means you'll be able to maximize line efficiency and productivity. Plates will go out faster and have delicious fresh corn totillas.

There are many more benefits to the Ventura Flex® Corn Tortilla Machine and you'll begin seeing them the moment you add it to your kitchen. To learn more, contact us.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker


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