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Easily make Corn Tortillas!

Nothing separates a restaurant from the competition like fresh ingredients. And when it comes to Mexican food that will turn new customers into repeat clients, nothing is better than a freshly made corn tortilla.

Whether for a main dish or as the basis for delicious tacos, a freshly made corn tortilla simply can't be matched.

The challenge in the past for restaurant managers, chefs and owners has been efficiently producing fresh corn tortillas while minimizing manpower.

Fortunately today there is a solution to economically and efficiently producing delicious corn tortillas. It's the Ventura Flex®, tabletop corn tortilla machine from Tortilla Masters. Whether you need a dozen or lots of tortillas, the Ventura Flex® produces beautiful tortillas with a standardized size that you control.

Ventura Flex® is an easy to use restaurant quality, tabletop machine that meets UL and NSF standards. If you're searching for the key to easy making tortillas, choose Ventura Flex®.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker Animation


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