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Production Advantages - Corn Tortilla Maker

How long do fresh tortillas stay warm?

We conducted a test by putting 500 tortillas in an ice chest. The results were measured from the first 100 tortillas.

  • The starting temperature was recorded at 144 degrees fahrenheit.
  • After one hour, it measured 130 degrees.
  • After two hours, the batch was measured at 112 degrees.
  • Three hours later, the measurement was 103 degrees.
  • After four hours, the final measurement was recorded at 95 degrees.
Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker
Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker

Production Advantages

The Ventura Flex® Corn Tortilla Machine production advantages for your restaurant will be noticed almost immediately.

The versatility, durability and economy of the machine will enhance your production capabilities while helping to lower product costs because of standardized output and reduced labor costs.

Variable Production Settings

Whether you need a single tortilla, 100 or 1,800, the Ventura Flex® gives your kitchen operations the ability to immediately produce delicious corn tortillas that will have your patrons eager for more.

If you'd like to add the production advantages of the Ventura Flex® Corn Tortilla Machine to your operations, contact us today to learn more.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker


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