Corn Tortilla Machine Specifications

Production Advantages

The Ventura Flex will help you during your restaurant's peak hours. Fresh tortillas have the ability to remain hot in an ice chest for 3+ hours.

If your peak hours are during 11:00-1:00 PM, and you need to have about 900 tortillas ready, you can start the machine at 9:00 AM and finish at about 10:30 AM. When the large influxes of customers come during your peak hours, your tortillas will be ready to be delivered to their table. Your restaurant staff will also have the ability to instantly produce fresh tacos!


The Ventura Flex is a tortilla maker for producing raw corn tortillas with a variable speed drive system.

The Ventura Flex features a chain driven high torque transmission that makes it easy to produce tortillas. The Ventura Flex has a 60 watts custom-built gear motor and hardened output shaft with a ball bearing design in a rugged cast housing and constructed of Stainless Steel frame with food grade plastic rollers. The on/off switch is mounted on the front along with a variable speed controller for easy access.

Ventura Flex Specifications

Corn Tortilla Machine Specifications Corn Tortilla Machine Specifications

Corn Tortilla Machine Specifications

The Ventura Flex has the capacity to produce tortillas from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch with the thickness adjuster plates on both sides.

Simply loosen the knobs and adjust the distance between the rollers to the desired thickness for the tortilla. The thickness adjuster plate is in between the two slotted locks that indicate the thickness limit allowed.

A sturdy hand lever disengage the tortilla cutter from the roller system with ease, while an interlock spring loaded system engage the tortilla cutter to the roller system to start making tortillas.

Corn Tortilla Machine Specifications

How long do fresh tortillas stay warm?

We conducted a test by putting 500 tortillas in an ice chest. The results were measured from the first 100 tortillas.

  • The starting temperature was recorded at 144 degrees fahrenheit.
  • After one hour, it measured 130 degrees
  • After two hours, the batch was measured at 112 degrees
  • Three hours later, the measurement was 103 degrees
  • After four hours, the final measurement was recorded at 95 degrees

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