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Ventura Flex Specifications

This machine's specialty is to produce a perfect corn tortilla ready to cook.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker
Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker

Standard Features

  • Production: 840 raw tortillas - per hour
  • NSF & ETL
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Food grade plastic rollers
  • Interlocked covers & doors
  • Motor sealed for life
  • Thermal overload protection
  • TC16 Tortilla Cutter included

Technical Data

  • Power 2 Amps
  • Voltage 115
  • Height 18 inches
  • Width 24 inches
  • Depth 23 inches
  • Weight 128 pounds
  • Cord Length 6 feet


The Ventura Flex is a gear driven Tabletop Corn Tortilla machine which specialty is to produce perfect corn tortillas ready to cook at your restaurant kitchen.

With its stainless steel construction combined with high quality components, it will enhance tortilla production at your restaurant. Food Grade plastic rollers and a 6 1/4 inches tortilla cutter are included.

The Ventura Flex has a 115 V single phase electrical rating.

Ventura Flex - Corn Tortilla Maker - Dimetric View
Ventura Flex - Dimetric View
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